FMD design

Because the Fashion & Design Festival wouldn't be complete without its design component! Keep your eyes open when visiting the FMD site this summer as it will be transformed into a real creative laboratory, with the creation of unique objects. Several installations have been integrated in the heart of downtown Montreal to highlight the city's creative talents. The Quartier des spectacles will thus shine as various exhibitions and installations are set up for the event!

Chiens en liberté

Winning Placottoir chosen by Place Ville Marie

For the past two years, the Fashion & Design Festival has been proud to collaborate with the École de design de l’UQÀM for its “Placottoirs” student contest. This year, the winning project Chiens en liberté, presented by Place Ville Marie, will be installed on the FMD site during the Festival. All festival-goers will be able to see and benefit from this relaxation and discussion area. Congratulations to the graduates of UQÀM’s Faculty of Environmental Design Walter Alejandro Duran Saban, Marina Pizzi, and Alexandra Côté St-Louis, who conceived this project!

Le diplomate

Winning Placottoir chosen by Ville de Montréal

The FMD is proud to be an active participant in the Fleuve-Montagne circuit, a project for Montreal’s 375th anniversary with the installation of Le Diplomate, a placottoir developed as part of its design component. Chosen by the Ville de Montréal, this public bench was created by Anick Juneau and Julien Thibodeau, two graduates of the UQÀM École de design. The bench’s purpose is to renew the idea of public benches while using Quebec’s iconic material, wood!


The design pioneer

The FMD is once again very proud to partner with Kartell, which will furnish the Wilder Building’s Espace Orange for the FMD Talks, as well as the VIP lounge, on the site of the Fashion & Design Festival!

A true pioneer in design, Kartell has revolutionised plastic, elevating it and propelling it into the refined world of luxury. By focusing on creating attractive, innovative and sustainable products, Kartell has emerged as a global leader in contemporary design and an icon of Italian design. For 68 years, Kartell has worked with internationally renowned designers such as Philippe Stark, Ferrucio Lavaiani, Piero Lisosni, Ettore Sottsass, Patricia Urquiola, Tokujin Yoshioka et Nendo to name just a few. It’s with Philippe Stark that Kartell creates in 1999 the first completely transparent plastic chair, La Marie. Three years later, the same duo introduces the iconic Louis Ghost. With over 1.5 million sales, it’s the most sold armchair in the world today. Creativity and technology, glamour and functionality, quality and innovation: an extraodinary combination of elements that contributed to Kartell’s succes story.


Design is about passion

This year, Skedio is a proud partner of the Festival by furnishing the VIP lounge! We thus asked them : “What does design mean to you?”

“For us, it’s about passion. It’s a way of showing our personality within every object around us. It’s an art collection and a legacy that we will leave behind for our family. Every single object, every little detail is important in our life. To achieve this, we must rely on high quality, timeless design. A design and a quality that will last through the years. Authenticity of a product is a must in order to show the respect we have for Montreal designers as well as international designers. We believe that when a person chooses an object, he should not choose it only for himself, but also for his life, for the lives of his children and grandchildren. Too often items are thrown away because they are no longer in fashion or because of poor quality.” – Ugo & Olivier from SKEDIO


Gift bags by Woolfell at the FMD!

Since 2013, Woolfell designs and produces durable and high quality bags and accessories in Montreal. This year, the young company decided to please some lucky festival-goers, who will receive gift bags made by Woolfell… because like us, it loves the Fashion & Design Festival!

“We are a really small team of two and all the process of design and production is handled in our workshop on Saint-Laurent Boulevard. It was a privilege for us to create the FMD 2017 promotional bag! During the biggest fashion event in Montreal, it is a pleasure to (re)discover the talent of all the local designers and the unique style of our city. We love that the Festival’s events merge both the industry and a larger public. The FMD is the magic of the last precious days of summer.” – Marko Joncas & Laurence Girouard from Woolfell


The giant shoe

Smoluk and her cardboard art…
One can sculpt with any material. Smoluk, French artist based in Montreal, demonstrates this with ingeniosity: she uses cardboard to make various objects, fashion items, as well as accessories. She had the idea while completing her studies, as she couldn’t afford the materials she was dreaming of. Cardboard was the solution. She now uses accessible recycled objects for her designs. With those, she creates items like cardboard shoes and jewels. It has since become her job!

When the Fashion & Design Festival approached Smoluk, she gladly accepted the project: to create an iconic giant object for the High Heels Race benefiting the Le Chaînon foundation! Through this artwork, the Festival and Smoluk put forward their common vision of femininity and fashion, but most importantly, of elegance and creativity. The artist is proud to present her sculpture, which will be exposed at the corner of streets Jeanne-Mance & Ste-Catherine during the FMD. Don’t miss it!

Follow the project’s progression on her Instagram account


For an Eco-Friendly Site!

Soverdi imagines a city filled with green spaces and contributes to building an urban forest by planting thousands of trees for citizens’ health and quality of life.

The Fashion & Design Festival’s commitment to sustainable development shows that getting involved in the planning of green spaces and making them more inviting, inspiring and favourable to encounters and exchanges can be done with just a little effort!

Téo Taxi

Take a Break in the Téo Garden !

Albert Mondor and Paysage gourmand unite their talent and creativity to design and produce the Téo Garden, an urban agriculture zone in which edible plants and recycled materials come together to create an original and astonishing setting. This garden features a Téo Taxi car on which edible plants are grown in reclaimed containers, such as old suitcases, briefcases, and bags that could have been forgotten by people using this type of public transport. These various objects create an atmosphere linked to travel and car transportation, allowing for daydreaming and imagination. This association between urban agriculture and Téo’s electric taxi car, is certainly inspiring and energizing!

By Teo Taxi, Albert Mondor, Paysage gourmand, Vertuose, Soverdi, Pro Mix, Karibu and Projet Acier